Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have consultants coming to do on site surveys?
Yes it is advisable to have a consultant on site. It determines the accuracy of the quotation and clarifies challenges. This service is only available in Pretoria and immediate surrounding areas.

Do you specialize only in furniture removal?
We are well equipped to do mainly furniture and office removals safely and securely.

Do you offer shuttle services if and when there is any challenges due to vehicle weight restrictions?
Yes we do. Please ensure to mention this to our PKM consultants to enable them to do proper arrangements.

Does protective material form part of your quotations?
Protective material is available during and before the transportation of your furniture. All vehicles are equipped with blankets to cover items with and to prevent damages.

Is there an additional service available for packing the entire house?
Yes we have qualified teams who can handle this in advance. Please advise our consultants if a quotation is required.

How long does an average removal last?
All depending on how prepared the client is for example:
Ensure that all boxes closed and sealed.
All valuables safe and secure.
It also depends on access on both loading and off-loading points. Advise the consultant of PKM in advance of any abnormal challenges.
The distance between the properties also plays a roll and as we all know loadshedding, traffic and weather conditions might play a part.

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